Wedding Venues in the Corvallis Albany Area

A few months ago Google made the Google Map API available to anybody to write map centric applications for the web. This week I decided to play a little bit with the help from the folks of Map Builder and use my GIS background to create a map of some of the main wedding venues in the Corvallis and Albany area. In the next weeks I will create maps of the wedding venues of the major Oregon Cities. If time allows I will include links with photos and reviews.

I am excited about this small project. In the past I developed Web GIS applications with ESRI ArcIMS software, which costs $6000.00 per license seat. It is amazing to me that a powerful application such as Google maps is made available for free. I guess times are changing and Google is taking the lead providing awesome free web services.

Juan Carlos
Hi, just wanted to comment on your site.
I’m an art student in college and I’ve been browsing photography sites all day. I just wanted to tell you that your site is one of few that I’m thoroughly impressed by. It is amazing, and your photos are beautiful.

Nice work, all around. Have a great day!


  • 12/5/2005 - 7:06 pm

    Crystal Unrau - I just wanted to let you know your blog is wonderful! There is so much useful information on here for local brides especially! Keep up the great work!

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