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There has been a major revolution in the wedding photography industry in the last decade. The modern couple with its interest in style, fashion, and a contemporary look, demands wedding photography that is in agreement with their lifestyle. Gone are the days when wedding photography was limited to a few stiff possess and a fake recreation of peak moments of the wedding day. Nowadays weddings demand a comprehensive coverage of their wedding day that aims to capture the reality, emotion, romance, details and essence of their wedding day.

To showcase this new trend in wedding photography the album as a holder of the artistic creativity of the photographer had to evolve. The traditional album with a few matted photos, a reflection of a traditional approach to wedding photography is not longer attractive to the modern couple. Wedding album companies with the input of photographers have listened and have come out with artistic designs that do justice to great artistic photography.

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Perhaps the most popular album these days is the flush mount magazine style album. These albums when properly designed are a true masterpiece. The wedding album looks like the finest book that you can find a library. The photographer or the album company will do the album design using your wedding photos. Once the photo pages are printed they are mounted on a rigid frame and trimmed flush to the edge of the page. The resulting book album is then cover in fine leather, silk, wood, cloth, or other fine materials. The beauty of this kind of album is the control that the client and the photographer have on the design and the style. It is possible to incorporate details such as the wedding invitation, poems, and other meaningful text to the design. The album can be designed in such a way that it tells the story of your wedding day.

The coffee table style albums are very similar to the flush mount type. The main difference is the thickness of the pages. As the name implies coffee table albums are to look like a modern magazine with thin pages.
Both the flush mount magazine style and coffee table albums are inspired by high-end fashion magazines. The photographer designing these types of albums needs to have great artistic talent to take the photographs and also to do album design that is classy, contemporary and elegant.

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For the client that prefers a more traditional look there are several choices. The photographer can design the album in the computer and with the input of the client creates a chronological design of the wedding day. The album software allows creating different designs and photo arrangements. Once the design is finished an order is generated to custom cut the mats and print the photos. Depending on the photographer each of the album photos is digitally retouched to perfection. High-end album companies offer different album covers including metal, wood, leather, cloth, silk etc.

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Our studio offers flush mount, coffee table and traditional wedding albums from the finest wedding album companies in the world including Jorgensen, Digicraft, Graphi Studio, Leather Craftsmen, Renaissance, and Arts Leather. Since Juan Carlos is not only one of the best Oregon wedding photographers but also a true artist you can rest assured that your album will be unique and designed to perfection.

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    Loren Santow - Hi. Please send or direct me to details about obtaining flush mount magazine style albums of my wedding photography, including pricing. I appreciate a prompt reply—I am waiting to provide a quote for a client. Thanks.


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