Samara and Ryan Wedding in Portland Oregon

The Place: Portland Oregon
The Church: St. Sharbel Maronite Catholic Church Portland Oregon
The Venue: Ponzi Vineyards, 14665 SW Winery Lane Beaverton Oregon 97007
The Couple: Samara and Ryan
The Photographer Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres

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Dancing with love describes the wedding celebration of Samara and Ryan in Portland Oregon. Their American Lebanese wedding was highlighted by their strong passion for dancing and their strong love surrounded by their happy families.

A beautiful couple committed to their relationship and with a strong desire to follow and honor their family tradition of marriage.
It was a beautiful sunny day. Every way we looked we could see and photograph the emotion and beauty of this unique couple. Everything was full of color and joy. The food and cake were exquisite. Every single detail had been taken care of.

At the end of the day when light was perfect we took a walk with Samara and Ryan through the beautiful Ponzi Vineyard. They were totally relaxed and let their love for dancing and each other set the stage for these wonderful memories.

Sandra and Juan Carlos,
We got your messages. Just wanted to say the photos look amazing! and we are so happy! we can’t wait to see the prints! thanks so much for your hard work and dedication! All of our friends have been very impressed with your work, so hopefully you’ll get some referral business from us!!!

Thanks so much again and take good care.

Ryan and Samara

One more e-mail fro Samara and Ryan
Dear Juan Carlos and Sandra,
Thank you very much for the wonderful photographs. They are exactly what we
had hoped for and more. You captured the spirit of our wedding in
speechless photos that really say it all. Thank you for the exceptional
customer service as well. You have become more than our wedding
photographers: you have become our friends. Your photographs have made our
wedding day even more memorable…GREAT WORK!

All the best,

Ryan and Samara

  • 3/13/2007 - 8:43 am

    ayoub bo farraj - ya ya ya ,that is our traditions,that is true love,congratulations for the brides ,they dance,play,jump ,let they do what ever they like,they r happy,never mind what peple say and thought

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