Rebecca and Cody Wedding in Salem Oregon

The Place: Salem Oregon
The Venue: The Salem Conference Center and Illahe Hills Country Club Salem Oregon
The Church: Queen of Peace Catholic Church Salem Oregon
The Couple: Rebecca and Cody
The Photographer Salem Oregon Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres

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We were delighted to photograph Rebecca and Cody wedding in Salem Oregon. This lovely couple and their families are wonderful people and every single detail of their wedding brings memories of joy to our minds.

We met Rebecca at Studio 554 in downtown Salem for her hair and make up session. After that we went to the new Salem Conference Center to do the getting ready photos and most of the formals. The emotion was incredible. As you see in the photos she looked just beautiful!

The ceremony was very moving. After the ceremony we spent a few minutes with Rebecca and Cody and their wedding party for some formal photos. After that, we drove to Illahe Country Club for the reception. The live music band, the wonderful food, the love of this couple, and the joy of friends and family made the reception incredible.

Yes, it was a long day, but the wonderful memories that we were able to capture for this loving couple makes it worth it.

Hello Juan Carlos and Sandra,
I hope that you have recovered from all the work you did taking pictures at the wedding. Looking back, I don?t know where you had all the energy to work so long! I hope that you got enough to eat to last you until you got home. As you can imagine, we are looking forward to seeing the pictures and remembering all that we missed.

It is just a blur, just as everyone tells us it was going to be. Just wanted to check to see when you thought you will be ready with the pictures and to ask what the procedures will be once they are done. Rebecca and Cody will be joining us for Christmas so we are hoping that we will have them before they get here so they can take them to California after we have had a chance to show them off to our family and friends.

I really appreciate your professionalism that you showed on the Wedding day. I was very grateful that I could turn to you and ask your opinion about something and you would give a friendly response. I felt like I was in great hands, knowing that you had done your job and seen lots of weddings and knew more about them then those around us. Again, I thank you for helping make everything run smoothly during the day.

Let me know when you will be ready for us to view the pictures. Can?t wait!


Denise Schott

Juan Carlos
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Vimal Singh

Your photos are really unique and beautiful! I have been a photographer for 15 years and I hope to someday take photos like yours.

Shannon Thompson


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