Professional Memberships

From time to time we get asked from potential customers about our professional memberships. We are sharing this information not to brag about us but to inform.

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Currently we are members of the following professional photography organizations:

The Professional Photographers of Oregon PPO. Until recently I served as a member of their Board of Directors and have been invited to speak at their conventions. In the past years I have won several awards from this organization including the prestigious Court of Honor Award.

The Professional Photographers of America PPA. The leading photography organization in the country. Every year we participate in PPA sponsored seminars to improve our technical skills.

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The Wedding Photo Journalist Association WPJA. I am currently one of the award wining members.
The WPJA is an organization of photojournalists and wedding photographers from around the world that photograph weddings in a candid, documentary style
Membership to WPJA is very strict and less tan 5 percent of wedding photographers qualify for membership. Membership is based not only on web site and image quality, but also on technical expertise and integrity.

The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photo Journalist Association. Currently, I am among the 10 highest ranking members of this organization. The AGWPJA is a group of international wedding photojournalists, who capture unscripted wedding moments as they happen, and excel in the art of post-production image processing. For the current wedding photography contest I have been invited to be a judge.

The Oregon Wedding Photo Guild. This is a group of selected wedding photographers in Oregon that photograph weddings in a journalistic style. Membership is limited to 8 members and is by invitation only.

The Digital Wedding Forum. A forum where the top wedding photographers in the world exchange expertise in the areas of art, business, and other areas of digital wedding photography.

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We adhere to the code of ethics of the above organizations.

  • 2/14/2006 - 7:20 pm

    Lisa Hoveland - What a wonderful blog you have designed Juan Carlos. You artistic eye is amazing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.


  • 2/14/2006 - 7:22 pm

    Julie Bancroft - I just wanted to let you know I was looking through your gallery and your shots are amazing. I am a photojournalism student at the University of Florida. How did you get started in the business?


  • 2/28/2006 - 6:54 am

    Lance Fordham - Hello, I just wanted to write to say that I throughly enjoyed your article. After about 5-years as an amateur photographer I decided to go pro with the encouragement from my friends. I used to try to figure out where my creative outlet was, and after trying just about everything else I found that I loved photography most of all. Not just photography though, but the technical aspects behind what make a good photo, a good photo. From that moment in my life photography became a passion for me to capture all the wonderful beauty of the world. A friend pointed me to this: website where I read your article and subsequently viewed your photographs. I must say that I was awe striken, and completely taken aback, with your photos. I shot my first professional wedding in the begining of February, and though the client was happy with the photos, I can see all the improvement that I need to make with respect to lighting more than anything else. I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you, and congratulations on the sureal photos on your site(s).

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