Libby and Matt Wedding in Philomath Oregon

The Couple: Libby and Matt
The Venue: Greengables Gardens Philomath Oregon
The Photographer Corvallis Oregon Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres
Beautiful day, beautiful couple, lots of smiles, what else can we ask for. Beautiful wedding pictures that truly show the love and happiness of Libby and Matt at Greengables Gardens in Philomath Oregon.

We were sad to learn that this was the last wedding to be hosted at Greengables. After several years of hosting weddings in the Corvallis area they have decided no to do it anymore. Curiously, we were the first and last photographers to cover weddings at Greengables. We have great memories and many beautiful wedding photos that we took through the years.

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It is amazing how the flash from the one the bridesmaids fired at the same time that I took the photo. It really helps to give the photo a beautiful rim light. I guess from now on I won’t complain about people shooting over my shoulder 🙂
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You guys were just wonderful. It really felt like old friends had come to the wedding with a couple [really awesome] cameras and hung out with us on our special day. Just wonderful…
Libby and Matt

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