Lauren and Chad Wedding in Salem Oregon

The Place: Salem Oregon
The Church : First Congregational Church
The Venue : Reed Opera House Trinity Ballroom
The Couple: Lauren and Chad Stillinger
The Photographer Salem Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres

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Lauren and Chad Story by Sandy Green Mother of the Bride

Lauren & Chad met at George Fox University for the first time but didn’t begin a relationship until the summer after Chad’s junior year and Lauren’s sophomore year. They had both just returned from travels abroad, Lauren from a Jamaica/Cuba serve trip and Chad from his junior’s abroad tour in Australia. They spent the following school year in a courtship situation learning about each other and evaluating whether or not they were to become man and wife. During the summer before their engagement Lauren and Chad further tested their relationship by spending the summer apart. Lauren was working as a facilitator at Camp Aqua Viva in Encenada Mexico and Chad spent six weeks in Kosovo as a team leader on a mission trip with City Church. Their relationship passed the test Chad proposed to Lauren on the George Fox University campus at the exact spot that he asked her to court him one year before. Because Lauren and Chad share a sincere commitment to purity, a four-month engagement proved to be the perfect amount of time to look forward to and plan a wedding.

The bride and groom shared their first kiss on the lips during the wedding ceremony. After the official kiss during the wedding, the two danced their way down the aisle and retreated to the bride’s dressing room to practice more kissing on the lips. Luke, the best man and brother of the groom was heard during the reception saying: “It’s about time these two finally got married, I was really getting tired of seeing them kiss each others faces everywhere except the lips.”

Chad graduated from GFU May of 2004 with a mechanical engineering degree. He is currently employed as an engineer at Concept Systems Inc. in Albany Oregon. Lauren will graduate from GFU in May 2005 with an international business degree and a camping ministry minor. The couple resides in South Salem.

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