Lakeview Oregon Wedding

The Place: Lakeview Oregon
The Venue : Private Estate
The Couple: Jennifer and Tim Gallagher
The Photographer Bend Oregon Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres


oregon wedding photo collagePIN IT

Words cannot express how in awe I am of the two of you in every sense of professionalism and artistry. The GORGEOUS wedding day proofs arrived in Ohio a few days before our reception there and I cannot tell you how elated I was to get them and look through them OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!!!! The photographs are even more beautiful than I imagined. You absolutely captured the heart and soul of our wedding day. Your photos embodied the spirit of the day better than mere words ever could. You documented the things that mattered so much yet you didn’t even have to ask or even let your presence be known. The fun part about looking at the photos is not even recalling that a moment was captured, it just was.
And as if I couldn’t be more impressed by how beautiful they were and how wonderful you were to to work with that day- then you went above and beyond to make sure we had the pictures to share at our Ohio reception AND include 100’s more than what you were contracted to include!!!!!!! I am floored by your exceptional service!!!
Thank you again so much for everything! I am so extremely proud of our photographs and have gotten so many amazing comments about them. They are truly a treasure!
I have sent payment for the Fed-Ex costs you incurred, and again- thank you for doing that for us. We are so very appreciative for everything!!!!!

Jennifer and Tim Gallagher

  • 4/29/2007 - 8:40 am

    NEss - HI! I happen to come across this website and I was in awe! Wow… i mean… these are beautiful pictures, sentimental, and what I wanted my pictures would turn out to be when I get married. My brother is a photographer and videographer and when I showed him the pictures here, he was amazed also. To find a superb and truly aritistic photographer – which he also said your style is mixed with classic, you’re truly amazing! I am currently studying Adobe photoshop and I got some ideas from your lay outs here. Is it ok if I apply some of your style on the new lay-out im making? I love most of all, this collage. I love to see happy faces during special occasions especially weddings. I have also been reading some of the tips about wedding time which is good for picture taking. I appreciate the tips u have been posting here. It really helps.

    Take care and thank you for the inspiration. ^_^

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