Hire an amazing Oregon Wedding Photographer

Let’s be honest, these days there are hundreds of wedding photographers in Oregon. Most of time somebody buys a camera and six months later they set up a website and start advertising wedding photography. The question is if you are willing to settle for average photography and lucky shots or if you want a professional photographer at your wedding who is capable of providing consistent and amazing results every time !!!

Don’t get me wrong everybody has the right to start a business. However I don’t think the wedding day is the place to learn to take pictures. If you trust your wedding memories to somebody without the technical skills and experience you are likely to be sorry.

I believe I am the top wedding photographer in Oregon. I will be happy to capture the most beautiful images on your wedding day !!!

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If you like my style of wedding photography please contact me at 541-760-0323 or from the contact form above. If you want to see more examples of my work visit www.juancarlosphotography.com
I have the experience of 500 weddings in the US and abroad and state of the art photography equipment. !!!!


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