Is it still necessary to hire a professional wedding photographer these days ?

Do you need still need to hire a professional Oregon wedding photographer now that high quality cameras and cell phones can produce good photos?

A lot of couples looking for Oregon wedding photography ask this question. We all agree that with the current economy it makes sense to try to save money. However I believe that key question is if you are going to be happy with your wedding photos.

Here are some points to consider when deciding if you need to hire a professional Oregon wedding photographer:

1. An experienced professional wedding photographer is capable of producing consistent high quality work under the wedding fast paced day. Remember there is no way to recreate or reshoot wedding moments once they are gone !!

Do yourself a favor an hire a wedding photographer who studied photography and has years of experience no somebody who bought a camera a few months back and has suddenly decided to start photographing weddings. You don’t want somebody practicing photography at your wedding.

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2. Backup equipment is another reason to bring a professional photographer. If a camera fails there will be additional equipment ready to be used.

3. Oregon professional wedding photographers use professional grade cameras and lenses with amazing resolution and color fidelity. Professional cameras are designed and rated to take hundreds of thousands of pictures without failing. For example, my Canon 1D IV cameras are rated at 300,000 frames so they are unlikely to fail in the middle of your wedding.
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4. Professional lighting equipment which allows to take photos in dark places and produce high quality portraits and group photos. I normally bring studio lighting to weddings and it makes a huge difference. Feel free to look my sample weddings !!!

5. High quality editing of your photos. Even with the advances in digital technology photos still need to be cropped, color balanced, sharpened and enhanced to look just perfect. Editing involves technical knowledge and artistic talent. If you hire a beginner you are likely to end up with a CD of unedited low quality photos or with weird Photoshop effects.

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6. Access to professional quality labs that only serve to established professional studios. Professional quality prints are well above the quality of the photos printed a your local supermarket.

7. Access to high quality albums printed to perfection with the best materials and to your specifications. Custom albums can have any imaginable cover materials, different sizes and are the ideal way to display your wedding photos. Please note that the best quality album companies only work with professional photographers. In addition producing a professional photo album requires knowledge of desktop publishing and color flow management that the beginner wedding photographer is very unlikely to have.
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8. Liability Insurance to cover any accidents. Many venues these days don’t allow photographers without proof of liability insurance.

9. Membership to professional photography organizations that offer training and are likely to intervene if there are any ethical violations. These include the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of Oregon.

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10. Avoiding potential family or friendship issues in case somebody close to you ruins your wedding photos. Believe me it happens a lot of times !!!
In addition, I am pretty sure that you want your friends or relatives enjoying your wedding rather than working and having the big responsibility of taking and giving you great photos. Taking wedding photos is a lot of work !!!!
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11. What if your budget is low? As a professional Oregon wedding photographer I have worked with couples with different budgets. Let’s talk about your wedding and let me customize a wedding photography package for you!!

I have photographed over 500 weddings in Oregon and abroad. I travel to Corvallis and Portland every week. I am available for weddings anywhere in the world !!!


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