Courtney and Kris wedding in Portland Oregon

The Place: Portland Oregon
The Venue: Hotel Lucia Downtown Portland and The Oregon Historical Society
The Couple: Courtney and Kris
The Photographer Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres

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Courtney and Kris’s wedding day was full of anticipation. The weatherman had predicted rain and they had to make the decision to set up a tent for the ceremony and dancing which were held outdoors on the beautiful patio that overlooks the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland. Fortunately the weatherman was wrong and Courtney and Chris were blessed with the most pleasant and beautiful Oregon weather. As a symbol marking the beginning of their history together and their union, Courtney and Chris blended sands from his birthplace, Oregon, and her birthplace, Michigan, together into one. We feel honored to have been chosen to capture the celebration of their love and affection for each other in our photography.

Hello Juan Carlos and Sandra,
Thank you very much for taking our wedding pictures and doing such a wonderful job – the photos are amazing and both of you were so nice to be with that day.

Also, the web site is great, thank you for getting it up so fast.

Thank you again so much,

Courtney Shannon Dausz


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