Cindy and Kevin’s Wedding in Oakridge Oregon

The Couple: Cindy and Kevin
The Venue: Private Estate, Oakridge Oregon
The Photographer Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres

This was the a snowy day and we needed to be at the church at 9:00 a.m. The further we got from Corvallis, the worse the snow got. We even had to set our four-wheel-drive to low gear. It was all well worth it though–we had an amazing time capturing the love and romance of this wonderful couple. We also had a chance to meet and photograph the San Francisco Giants coach who is a personal friend of the bride and walked her down the isle.

As if we hadn’t had enough snow already, after their reception, we drove further up into the mountains to a gorgeous private property (we even got to see some elk on the way there). There we were able to capture some truly romantic shots in the most breath-taking and pristine snow-covered hills. Needless to say, our hands were so frozen, we could hardly press the shutter any more. We ended up taking turns taking photos.

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