Atina and Ryan’s Wedding in Independence, Oregon

The Couple: Atina and Ryan
The Venue:The Green Villa Barn, Independence, Oregon
The Photographer Salem Oregon Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres

Did I say before that we loved weddings and we actually look forward to the wedding season?
Every wedding is a joy to photograph. It is true that sometimes the next day I feel like I was hit by a truck but when we see the joy a and the beautiful photos we feel it is worth it.

Below are a few photos from Atina and Ryan’s wedding. We enjoyed every single minute of this wedding.
As a bonus because of the heat I lost 5 pounds 🙂

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The greatest reward that we get from photographing wedding is when couples and their families are happy with the photographs. We just got an email from the father of a bride that we photographed in June. It just made our day:

Dear Torres Family & Juan Carlos Photography:

When my son and his fiance wanted me to pick the photographer for their wedding, I knew what was needed. I’ve worked as a commercial photographer in advertising and illustration. I looked at many portfolios to spot skills needed to give my son, and new daughter, elegant portraits and a beautiful history of their wedding.

The photographs your team created for the wedding were everything we hoped for. Even with challenging lighting, and a remote location, the work you created is magic. There are many photographers that design beautiful images when they have the luxury of time. What impressed me was your ability make wonderful images quickly.

Illustrating the story of a wedding requires a unique set of skills. It is your record of the wedding story that has real meaning to our family. The sweet sideways glance of the bride to the groom, the peek around the corner: these are the moments in time that captured the heart of the day. We are all thankful, to both of you, that those moments will become a part of our family history.

You work is beautiful, and for us it is also wonderfully intimate. It has heart. Those small moments, captured forever, require insight and knowledge of your equipment. You were ready, and capable, when the ephemeral moments came before you. I would not have seen them all without you. As a father, I am very thankful to you for that gift.

I want you to know I appreciate your skill, profession behavior, and sensitivity. You do good work.

God Bless,

Britt Anderson

If you like the wedding photography on this blog and are looking for a wedding photographer in Oregon please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be honored to photograph your Oregon wedding. Please call us at 541-753-9903 or fill out the contact form at our main website Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer


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