Albany Oregon Wedding

The Place: Albany Oregon
The Church : St. Mary’s Catholic Church
The Venue : Springhill Country Club
The Couple: Beth and Mike Andre
The Photographer Albany Oregon Wedding Photographer : Juan Carlos Torres

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On a winter day Beth and Mike were married in Albany Oregon. That morning we met Beth and her mom and attendants at a beauty shop in downtown Albany to document their getting ready for Beth’s most important day. There was so much emotion and excitement at the beauty shop. A stylist and make up artist made sure that Beth looked absolutely radiant. After Beth was ready we all went to St. Mary’s Catholic Church to photograph the formal pictures. Before we started the family formals, Mike and Beth had their first meeting at the church. When Mike and Beth saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, the emotions and love were evident. What a moment!

The ceremony was very special with lots of guests and relatives witnessing their promise of everlasting love.

After the ceremony we went to downtown for a brief photo session. In spite of the rain we were able to capture some beautiful photos. In fact, the black and white umbrella that Beth had brought along ended up adding a lot of drama to the photos. After the photo session we drove to Springhill Country Club for the reception. The dinner was very elegant and the couple did the traditional first dances, the bouquet, the garter, the toast, and the cake. We captured all those moments in an unobtrusive way.


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