Juan Carlos,We have received the photos from our wedding and we are in awe of how magnificent they turned out! We are so honored to have had you at our wedding to take such beautiful photos that we will be able to share for the rest of our lives. It was so exciting looking through all the pictures and looking back on that day. We could never have imagined that special day to be documented in a way where the pictures really reflect how beautiful we felt inside. Our wedding day comes to life every time we view our lovely photos. We send all our thanks and sincere compliments for all your hard work!We so enjoyed working with you and we will definitely recommend you highly to others. We look forward to hearing from you and may you have a blessed day!Sincerely,
Jessica and Chris Rowbotham
WOW!!!I am blown away! The photos are absolutely marvelous.You are sooooooo good! Thank so much for giving us so much! Your talent is incredible – what more can I say.I also want to tell you that my friend Carlene Roters who came out from Silver City, NM for the wedding told me how impressed she was at the way you two work together. She said it was like watching a well choreographed dance – the way you moved around each other and the people in the wedding.She is an artist, too. Her web site is carleneroters.comI started looking at the photos at about 6:30 pm and just have not been able to tear myself away until just now. They are so beautiful and full of character and charm. Thank you again. I’ll have to spread the word first thing tomorrow.Warmest Regards,Sharon RichertWe received a second email: As I viewed more of the wedding photos today I began to experience them on a deeper level and they began to speak to me on a much deeper level. The words that came to me today as I viewed your work might mean more to you than my first outburst of excitement.….Deeply moving stunningly beautiful ballet of images that capture the spirit of this cultures’ traditions of marriage union of man and woman.Hauntingly beautiful……..Acutely sensitive photographer’s eye…..capturing the cultural mythology of marriage in the Western world.Artistic capture of some of the most fleeting and beautiful moments in two family’s lives.And I haven’t even finished viewing them all…………there are so many.Thank you again.Warmest Regards,Sharon
Sharon Richert
Dear Juan Carlos Photography:When my son and his fiance wanted me to pick the photographer for their wedding, I knew what was needed. I’ve worked as a commercial photographer in advertising and illustration. I looked at many portfolios to spot skills needed to give my son, and new daughter, elegant portraits and a beautiful history of their wedding.The photographs your team created for the wedding were everything we hoped for. Even with challenging lighting, and a remote location, the work you created is magic. There are many photographers that design beautiful images when they have the luxury of time. What impressed me was your ability make wonderful images quickly.Illustrating the story of a wedding requires a unique set of skills. It is your record of the wedding story that has real meaning to our family. The sweet sideways glance of the bride to the groom, the peek around the corner: these are the moments in time that captured the heart of the day. We are all thankful, to both of you, that those moments will become a part of our family history.You work is beautiful, and for us it is also wonderfully intimate. It has heart. Those small moments, captured forever, require insight and knowledge of your equipment. You were ready, and capable, when the ephemeral moments came before you. I would not have seen them all without you. As a father, I am very thankful to you for that gift.I want you to know I appreciate your skill, profession behavior, and sensitivity. You do good work.God Bless,
Britt Anderson
Good morning Juan Carlos, We are amazed and absolutely impressed with our wedding photos. We spent the weekend reliving our special day,and we are so thankful for the way you captured so many important moments.You are truly very talented and exceptional at what you do. These pictures will be our longest-lasting memories and they are perfect. I love the way you snapped shots in the journalistic style. It takes experience and talent to do this well, and you were great!Thank you! Thank you! Please use us as a referral/reference any time!Hopefully we can use your services again when the baby comes – but that won’t be for about a year.Elliott and I just bought a house and we’ll move in soon.I’ll send you our new address when its official. Take care and thanks again!Much appreciation,
Jennifer and Elliot
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for such a wonderful display of professionalism. You and Juan Carlos were truly a team in helping make our day as great as it was. We were thrilled with the creative use of the house across from the church. My sisters commented on you a number of times, I think out of a bit of jealousy maybe remembering what some of theirs turned out like. One of them was wondering if you would like to travel to NY if she can get back into her dress. I told her I think there might be a travel fee for that one. So thank you again very much. And even though we will be waiting patiently as we want you to take all the processing time you need, we’re going to be absolutely thrilled to see the pictures.
Tom and Jackie Scanlon
It has been a great honor for me to work with Juan Carlos, he is a great photographer with a big talent and he takes the time to prepare to produce artistic photographs. He is very professional in his work, so much that he is among the few that takes a look to every detail for a perfect looking picture. In addition to being able to produce perfect photos he enjoys what he does. Because of his outstanding work I would like to recommend him to any prospective clients.
Yariela Garcia
The photos you took at our wedding are absolutely awesome! Many people have commented on how amazingly vibrant the colors are and how classy the black & white photos look. We love the pictures and you did it all without disrupting our wedding day. We really appreciate that fact and the great photos that we have to choose from. I know that we will gladly recommend you to anyone we know getting married in the future as our experience was better than could ever be expected.Thank you very much for your great services!
Jacob & Andrea Fifhause.
Thank you guys so much for the incredible photos. Anna and I scoured Oregon photographers before the wedding, and no portfolios came close to yours. You guys delivered as promised, and really went above and beyond. It was more like working with guests at the wedding, than with a photography business, which made it less stressful and more fun! Thanks again!
Eric and Anna
Juan Carlos has been taking portraits of my family every year since 2002, when my kids were 2 and 6- they are now 15 and 19. The reason we go back to Juan Carlos year after year is simply this: there is no photographer out there who can rival his extremely high standards of quality, excellence, artistic expression, and professionalism. As he is recognized and renowned internationally, I feel extremely fortunate to have access to a photographer of his caliber here in the Willamette Valley. I would recommend Juan Carlos highly and without reservation.
Lesley Hegewald
Dear Juan-Carlos,I wanted to Thank You again for being part of our wedding day. The first time I saw Willamette Photography’s website I was blown away by the wedding portfolios. This was photography like I have never seen before.I had done extensive research to find the Perfect Photographer who can produce the best quality photographs since these pictures will be my memories forever. Your blog provided great advice on how to hire the right person and I used Willamette Photography as my benchmark to compare other photographer’s portfolio, equipment, and how they work with difficult lighting. You had all the things I was looking for… someone who could capture the emotion and all the special moments and create beautiful artistic photographs.It’s a lot of work, especially for an Indian Wedding where there is so much detail to capture and the wedding ceremony and reception are very long. It was a joyous event with a lot of family and friends but at the same time it was definitely a hectic day. I had my moments of stress but seeing the pictures… they are amazing and the moments captured of my husband and I makes me really happy. I appreciate you both for your work… Thank YouWarmest Regards,Denae and Hitesh
Denae and Hitesh
Juan-Carlos was a dream to work with! He showed up on time, was professional and most importantly he captured amazing photographs at my wedding. We feel like we got so much more than we paid for.We would use Juan-Carlos for any big event without a second thought. I cannot recommend his service enough!
Li Drake
Juan Carlos,I’m so impressed by what I saw here in your site. Wonderful!!! I?ve been looking through various sites since a few days and nothing, really nothing could be compared with the images included here.Now about wedding photography. I?ve always loved photography (though my speciality is something too far from it), especially black and white photography. But I couldn’t even imagine how eager would I be one day to become a wedding photographer. I?m a beginner. I know I have much to learn and achieve but what I feel inside and why have decided to become one is the following:I think photographer is not just a profession, it?s a way of thinking and living. I love my job, I love to see people too happy and I love earning money with joy (never give up, just in case). I have made my mind to enter this business to return the joy of people getting married and their families and friends via my photos. One day I felt I do want it.Wedding photographer should be a willing person with creative mind, an artist and should be too shrewd to catch that single moment, which would not be repeated for another shot, one must have too deep knowledge and experience. I?ll do my best.And also I found out that I want to catch every single blink that is possible and transfer into paper for a long and lasting life.Thanks for your great photos and for your assistance.Respectfully,Shushan
Shushan Shah
Juan Carlos,I received the pictures in the mail today, my goodness we are going to need a big photo album!Mark already has a picture in a frame to take to work tomorrow and next we are going to look through them all!Thank you so much for everything, I have heard over and over again from friends and family that these are the best wedding pictures they have ever seen.I can’t even begin to tell you how pleased we are with your work!Sincerely,
Bailey Stokes
WOW. those are amazing pictures, it was such a wonderful day, Teila and Beay make a beautiful couple, I am so gald we could be a part of their special day. Michelle ScrivnerOH MY GOSH! Those are the most gorgeous pictures I think I’ve ever seen! You need to submit those to a bride’s magazine or something. Wow! She looks like a Hepburn woman. Were some of the photos taken at Seaside? Rhinda HaleWow!! I am so sorry I missed it!! Can you do it again for me, please?! Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both! Cheryl SylviaYou guys are amazing and the photographs are breathtaking! What a wonderful day! Jennifer Shook (Mother of the Bride)Hi! These are just wonderful photos! I also agree that they should be submitted to some brides magazine. I think Teila should become a wedding model! Wishing you all the best! God Bless, Melody
Michelle Scrivner and others
BRAVO Juan Carlos!!!! The wedding photos are crazy beautiful. You are so talented and I'm grateful to have met you. I have a list of photos I'd like to get from you for my website and portfolio. Some of these are in 8X10. I'm hoping that is okay for you both. In the portfolio and my business referral shelve I want to have your literature available. You are the best wedding photographer that I've worked in Portland. Please send me business cards, pamphlets, etc. at your leisure.I heard that Shoshanna and Shlomo are so happy with the photos !!!Thank you again.
Michelle Tunya
Wedding Coordinator
Hello,I just want to thank you so much for such amazing wedding photos! We are so blown away by how beautiful and natural they are! Everyone we show agrees that we have by far, found the best photographer out there ... 🙂 I seriously spent like three hours going through them all last night, zooming in and enjoying each one.We are in the process of figuring out which ones we want to get in which special size, etc. I had just a few questions. First, do you have a price list available to look at online or maybe as an attachment for the different photo albums that you guys can create for us? Originally we didnt think we wanted one, but I am changing my mind a bit, after looking at the beautiful pictures that you took:)Thank you so much for everything! We had such a fantastic day and are so grateful that we were able to have you guys capture all the special moments for us!Regards,Helen Hayes
Hellen Hayes
Words cannot express how in awe I am of the two of you in every sense of professionalism and artistry. The GORGEOUS wedding day proofs arrived in Ohio a few days before our reception there and I cannot tell you how elated I was to get them and look through them OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!!!! The photographs are even more beautiful than I imagined. You absolutely captured the heart and soul of our wedding day. Your photos embodied the spirit of the day better than mere words ever could. You documented the things that mattered so much yet you didn’t even have to ask or even let your presence be known. The fun part about looking at the photos is not even recalling that a moment was captured, it just was….”
Jennifer and Tim Gallagher
Without a doubt, Juan Carlos has a vision, confidence and professionalism that makes working with him and trusting him with a project an easy decision. Not only am I thrilled with the results of our shoot, I actually had a ton of fun doing it! He takes all the stress out of the process while adding a creative eye that can only come from being both in front of and behind the lens. I'm looking forward to the next time we can work together!
Denisse A. Stubbert
“We are absolutely delighted over the pictures from our wedding! I would never have dreamed that they could have looked this amazing. Each time I look at our pictures I feel as though I am reliving the magic of the day; the laughter, the tears, a smile, a kiss—all of the emotions come alive again and again with the pictures that Juan Carlos took of our special day…”
Brian and Alisha Sawyer
Juan Carlos,We LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! They are so incredible and I can't believe that you were able to capture everything about the day!Our family and friends can't stop talking about how beautiful the photos are and how enjoyable you were to have there on the big day!Thank you so much and I will be in touch soon with orders, to discuss the album and to give you a raving testimonial! Thanks again,
Courtney Carnahan
I highly recommend Juan Carlos as a photographer for any occasion! Juan Carlos has been there for our engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn and family photos. He is a patient, fun-loving and creative photographer. VERY pleased with all of his work!!!
Sheila Landis
Juan Carlos is a passionate romantic whose passion is exemplified in the images appearing in the slide show that kicks off this site. The Portfolios section includes his favorites along with entire weddings and the images in these portfolios are lush and elegant, filled with dramatic touches that occasionally echo the innovative images produced by the late Rocky Gunn.The portfolios include real live album pages that demonstrate an inventive design sense and clear understanding of the use of color—outside the photos—that is rare in wedding album design. Yet, even Juan Carlos’s monochrome images contain a richness and warmth you don’t see much of these days. Don’t miss his blog that contains samples of recent work, including a portrait session with a bride wearing a red wedding dress that makes a brilliant counterpoint to some of the monochrome photography that’s also featured. Juan Carlos’s approach to wedding imagery combines the best aspects of traditional photography liberally seasoned with a sprinkling of fresh, new spices, creating a hybrid that must be a hit with clients who want what’s old, yet new at the same time. Juan Carlos calls himself an artistic journalist and while that’s a fair description, I think there’s a far greater emphasis on the artistic quality of these stunning wedding images.
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